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Monday, August 02, 2004

filling a void?

Over the last couple of months, I've looked at a LOT of weblogs that have a D/s "theme." There are hundreds of them out there, scores of really excellent ones. The handfull which I try to read frequently are listed in the right hand column here. Certainly there are many more I enjoy, but my criteria for picking the ones to which I link is that they are reasonably regularly updated and that the writing speaks to me, personally.

One thing I have noticed in my searching, though, is that there seems to be a relative shortage of blogs written by dominants... male dominants in particular. I continue to wonder why that is. Are Doms more focused on acting rather than writing? Surely it doesn't mean that Doms are less capable of contemplative reflection upon the important things in their lives. Surely it doesn't imply that they're ill-equipped to communicate. Maybe they're collectively just too busy. I know it's difficult still for me to make the time to write here, even though when I do it's an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

I have no illusions that what I write here is of any great importance to anyone other than me, and perhaps L. But there's kind of a good feeling in the knowledge that this modest effort is one small step on my part toward filling somewhat this apparent void.

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