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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Yes, "guilt". What other title can I give to a post that addresses the fact that I have written nothing here in six weeks or more?

I think I've mentioned early-on that this not my first attempt at a lifestyle-oriented weblog. The couple that preceeded this one (by something like two or three years) were very short-lived. When I began this one I made a promise to myself that I would do my very best not to go that route again.

In spite of that, I feel that I've stumbled. Stumbled, but not fallen.

The time that has passed since my last post here has been exceedingly busy. [explanation, not excuse] I won't bore you with details, but most of it was work-related. That situation has finally normalized a bit. I feel I can now shift focus from the immediacies of earning a living back to the things in life that make it worthwhile ...my beautiful devoted submissive, and the lifestyle we love so much.

There have been some interesting developments for us related to the lifestyle. You can read about some of those in her journal (yes, she at least has found time to write a little!), and I'll be talking about those things and some others here in coming days.

Anyway, I'm back. And it feels good to be back.

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