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Thursday, October 28, 2004

catching up

It has felt good to be working on this weblog once again, even if most of the work recently has been more about style and layout than content.

Looking back over what I've written here since I began the project, it seems that many (most) of my posts have been "topic-oriented," rather than talking about day-to-day life. I'm not sure why things have developed that way. Surely, the mundanities of everyday are not the best fodder for riveting narratives ...but there IS a great deal about daily life with L that I love, and enjoy sharing when there's an opportunity. So I'm thinking that perhaps a little deliberate change of pace here might be a good thing.

Saturday was wonderful. Neither of us had to work, so we savored a leisurely morning drinking coffee and talking. In the afternoon, I delivered on a promise I'd made a day or two before: we had an extremely nice, long play session. I used the occasion to use several new little things I'd purchased the weekend before on a trip to a tack store in another town as well as a newly acquired set of ankle cuffs. Mostly, though, the afternoon was devoted to working with L's favorite... my elkhide flogger.

Earlier in the week when telling her of my plan, I had assured her that I was going to "flog the hell out of her" (a quaint little phrase she often uses when speaking of what she likes to have done!). By the time I began the cooldown phase of the scene, L was very, very deep in subspace. I wrapped her in a blanket, then cuddled and caressed her for a long time, telling her how much I love her and what a source of joy and pride she is for me. Once she was able to speak English again, I asked her if she felt that she had indeed had the hell flogged out of her. She smiled broadly and whispered, "yes."

As is usually the case when we play at home, aftercare was very sensual, very erotic for the both of us. It almost always leads to a "sex session" of comparable duration to our play session, and Saturday was no exception. We had to hurry a bit later to get showered, dressed and ready to leave for a little get-together that our local BDSM group was having at a favorite coffeehouse.

It was nice seeing those friends and meeting a couple of prospective new members. It was even nicer to watch L throughout the entire evening. She absolutely glowed.

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