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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I made a few minor changes here. One weblog that I had listed in my "By Submissives" section had been updated only once in nearly three months, so I reluctantly removed it.

Another change was something I should have done weeks ago. Bliatz pointed out to me that This Big Hush is a collaborative work and should be categorized as a "Group Blog".

Still another change will likely be coming here soon: a slight revamping of the color scheme. Bliatz remarked in a comment some time back, "Can't you do something about your template? Black on dark grey is virtually unreadable..." I had been fairly fond of the way the site looked to me, as viewed on my computer in IE6. Recently, though, I had occasion to open it in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and saw a markedly different appearance. Readers (if there are any left) who have problems with this currently should see an improvement by the end of next week. (Hopefully sooner.)

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