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Friday, October 22, 2004


It's raining. I love rainy nights. Hmmm... puts me in mind of an old Eddie Rabbit song [oops! dating myself a bit there.]

I've spent some time this evening doing something I truly enjoy, reading some of my favorite lifestyle-themed weblogs, and wondering why I haven't been doing this more often.

A few years ago when I finally ventured beyond the bounds of "online" BDSM into the "real-world" lifestyle I was (for whatever reason) pleasantly surprised by the levels of intelligence, understanding, empathy and erudition among those I met and with whom I became associated. Perhaps unduely surprised, but happily nonetheless. That feeling is mirrored and perhaps even magnified toward the authors of the blogs I (try to) read regularly.

Kudos to you all: To those with whom I've interacted face-to-face who've helped me grow and become, and to those whose written words have served and continue to serve as a perpetual fount of stimulation, entertainment and inspiration for me.

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