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Monday, October 25, 2004

a little more housekeeping

O.K., I think I have fixed the problem Bliatz pointed out to be some time ago related to font color vs. background color in my posts. Removing one rogue line of CSS seems to have done the trick. The page should look very much the same in both IE and Mozilla-esque browsers now (at least it does to me).

Other new things to see are new links to two weblogs written by male dominants: The Maelstrom and urbanstud. I've only relatively recently begun reading them both, but plan on making a habit of it. I've also updated my link to Neko's blog, Letters To An Angel. It now resides at its own domanin: www.letterstoanangel.com, and somehow manages to keep getting better and better.

The final item to announce is the addition of a new link in my "By Submissives" section. Though it's a very new journal, this one's rather special to me. It's written by my submissive, the love and light of my life. She's a gifted and insightful writer, as will become obvious to all who read as the project grows and develops I am certain. It's called Body of Work.

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